Saint Theresa Couderc – September 26

Wisdom Wed

“Lord Jesus, I unite myself to your perpetual, unceasing, universal sacrifice.  I offer myself to you every day of my life and every moment of every day, according to your most holy and most lovable will.  You have been the victim of my salvation, I wish to be the victim of your love.  Accept my desire, take my offering, graciously hear my prayer:  let me live by love, let me die of love, and let my last heartbeat be an act of the most perfect love.”

~ Prayer of St. Therese of Couderc

Rosary Coast to Coast Rally at CK – October 7th

All are invited to join the Knights of Columbus on Sunday, October 7th at 1:00 p.m. on the grounds of Christ the King Church to participate with Catholics across the United States in praying the rosary.  The purpose of the event is to pray for our country.  For more information, please see the September 23rd bulletin HERE or download the flyer HERE.


SPOTLIGHT ON: Serra Club and Vocations Committee

serralgThe Serra Club of the Tri-Cities involves members from six local parishes.  The main objectives are to foster and promote vocations to the ministerial priesthood and all religious vocations in the church.

The Serra Club of the Tri-Cities works closely with the Vocations Committee of Christ the King Parish.  The goal of the Vocations Committee is to increase awareness for religious vocations through prayer in our parish.

The Serra Club and the Vocation Committee are open to all adults and youth who have a desire to foster religious vocation through prayer.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.


Saint Gennaro (Januarius) – September 19

Wisdom Wed

“The bishop just announced that the blood half-liquefied.  We can see the saint only half loves us.  If only half of it liquefied that means we still have work to do; we have to do better.  We must all spread the Word, so that he loves us more!

~ Pope Francis, Cathedral of Naples, March 21, 2015

SPOTLIGHT ON: Prayer Chain


If you need prayers for anything – healing, difficult relationships, for example – the prayer chain can help.  Prayer chain requests are passes along to the prayer chain group who then pray individually for your intentions.  This ministry is open to all adults and youth.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.