TC-ToT/November:  “Find your mission, find yourself.” 

Calling all 21 to early 40s Catholics! What is your vocation? Have you thought about your life choices in these terms? Will you be married with children? Single? Consecrated? Religious? Are you called to the priest hood? Join Fr. Dan Steele of Christ the King Parish as we discuss all things vocations.Saturday – 11/10/2018 – 7pm – Kimos: 2696 N. Columbia Center Blvd Richland

Theology on Tap is a Tri-Cities wide initiative with national roots.  


SPOTLIGHT ON: Gardening for God

The ministry of Gardening for God plants and maintains the flower bed at the entrance to the church, providing a welcoming entrance to the church. The ministry also cares for the Mary Garden, providing a peaceful place for contemplation.

Volunteers plant and maintain a flower garden in the space on Stevens Drive during the warmer months, and provide care for non-vegetation during the winter months. In the Mary Garden, volunteers prune bushes during the growing season, care for the rose garden, plant flowers in large pots near the statue, and perform general yard maintenance for the entire area, including watering. The ministry is open to youth through adult volunteers.

Interested persons are encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.


Saint Anthony Mary Claret – October 24

Wisdom Wed

“Mary is the heart of the Church.  This is why all works of charity spring from her.  It is well known that the heart has two movements:  systole and diastole.  Thus Mary is always performing these two movements:  absorbing grace from her Most Holy Son, and pouring it forth on sinners.”

~ Saint Anthony Mary Claret

SPOTLIGHT ON: Funeral Lunches

After the death of a parishioner, the parish office contacts the family and offers to provide food for the family and guests following the service. The food, typically a lunch, is served in the Gathering Space following the funeral or memorial service. The parish provides the meats, bread, coffee, punch, plates, cups and eating utensils. Volunteers participating in this ministry are contacted and asked to provide salads, desserts, and relish plates. Volunteers also have the opportunity to serve the food and clean up following the event. This ministry is open to youth through adult volunteers. Anyone interested in assisting with Funeral Lunches is encouraged to contact the parish office at 946-1675 for more information.