Monthly Meditation – AUGUST

“May Mary be a mother to each of us, the cause of our joy.  May we be Jesus to her, the cause of her joy.  No one has learned humility as Mary did.  The handmaid of the Lord was completely empty of self and God filled her with grace, with himself. To be a handmaid means to be at someone’s disposal, to be used according to someone’s wishes.  It means to belong to someone without reserve, with full trust and joy.  Our Lady was a willing handmaid of the Lord.  Cheerfulness and joy were her strength.”

~ Saint Theresa of Calcutta

For reflection:

  1. Have I allowed myself to be a handmaid of the Lord; been humble enough to be filled with God’s grace?
  2. What things, people, activities, and issues keep me from belonging to God without reserve?
  3. What can I specifically do to be more willing to follow the Lord and belong to him with full trust and joy?

The Pope’s Intention for the Month of August

Families, Schools of Human Growth
That families, through their life of prayer and love, become ever more clearly “schools of true human growth.”

From the USCCB website: